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Lacuna method for fungal nail infections

The Lacuna method is a relatively new treatment and works by painlessly drilling many tiny micro holes across the infected nail plate. This method is discussed with the Patient as a treatment option following a detailed assessment / consultation, to ascertain its suitability for each individual patient. Following the first part of the treatment where the nails are micro drilled, the nails are then treated with Terbinafine spray.

Terbinafine spray is a anti-fungal drug which works by creating an imbalance in the fungal cell wall, which over a course of a few weeks leads to fungal cell death. Terbinafine is known as a Fungicidal drug.

To get the very best from the Lacuna treatment, Patients must apply the spray (which will be included as part of the treatment regime) daily and return to the clinic for follow up appointments every six weeks.

The Lacuna method has shown to be a very effective way of eradicating fungal nail infections in recent studies and is often the preferred treatment of choice, when topical applications have not worked effectively or where taking a prescribed Terbinafine tablet is not indicated to the patient.

Prior to the treatment, we will need to assess the nail (s) to be treated and carry out a simple diagnostic test, by taking a nail clipping to test for any dermatophyte activity that might be present in the nail. This is a painless test and takes approx.. 20 minutes. You will be given the results at the time of your assessment treatment. You can then be booked in for the Lacuna method itself at a date and time to suit you at either our Ilkley or Burley in Wharfedale clinics.